100 years of the Unification Act - the unity of the Ukrainian land

It is dedicated to the solemn proclamation of the act on the unification of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the Western Ukrainian People's Republic into a single independent state. On January 22, 1919, in a solemn atmosphere on the Sofia Square in Kyiv, an event that became the outcome of the relevant preparatory process took place - the Act of Zluki, an act of unification of Ukrainian lands, was proclaimed, which stated that from now on the Ukrainian people, released by a powerful impulse of their own forces, has the opportunity to unite the efforts of all their sons to build an indivisible independent Ukrainian state for the good and happiness of the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine 2019 100 years of the Unification Act - the unity of the Ukrainian land
On the obverse of the coin there is: the Small State Emblem of Ukraine, under which the inscription UKRAINE; in the center on a mirrored background? a font composition of the abbreviations of the UNR / ZUNR, whose letters are decorated with characteristic ornaments; beneath the mat background? face value 5 / ГРИВЕНЬ, on the sides of which? stylized plant ornament, year of issue of coin 2019 (below); The logo of the Banknote-Mint of the National Bank of Ukraine (on the right on a mirror background).
Reverse the dark background there is a fragment of the Act of Unity, singular / together merge / century inhabited / apart / part of a UKRAINE - / WEST-UKRAINIAN / PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC / (Galicia, Bukovina / and Hungarian UKRAINE / The Dnieper / large UKRAINE. / THE FOLLOWED / THE EYES, / WHICH HOUSES / AND FOR WHICH UMIRALS / THE BEST SUNS / UKRAINE. The latent image in the text overviews the image of Trident. There are medallions with the symbols of the land on the left and on the right: the lion - the Western Ukraine (left) and the Archangel M ihaila - central Ukraine (to the right), from which stylized plant ornament in the form of laurel branches goes up, below the inscription semicircular inscription 100 ЛЕТ АКТА ЗЛУКИ.
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