New Ukrainian coin Boar

New Ukrainian coin Boar

On February 27th, 2018, the National Bank of Ukraine put the commemorative coin "Boar" of 5 hryvnia face value under  coin series into circulation.

This coin is dedicated to Vepr, the image of which is embodied in the unique monuments of ancient cultures that existed on the territory of Ukraine. These cultures have made a significant contribution to the world art treasury. Invaluable memories of the culture of ancient times tell about how people learned to work with natural materials and tried to empower them with the help of symbols - images of animals, birds, people, etc.

On the obverse of the coin there is the upper coat of the Small State Emblem of Ukraine, the inscription UKRAINE, under which the coin issue year 2018 and the face value 5 / ГРИВЕНЬ; in the center there is a gilded image (element of decoration: local gilding, gold content in purity not less than 0.0005 g). Vepa - Scythian sculptural gold figure of the end of the IVth century. until e., under which the scene of torture from Pectoral (on the middle of IV century BC, the Tomb of Tombs) on a matte background.
On the reverse of the coin on the left, on the mirror background there is a boar depicted on the right of which on a matte background is a vertical inscription VIPR (above) and a stylized fragment of the Scythian plate with the image of a boar

The coin is made from silver, quality− “special uncirculated”, weight – 15.55 g, diameter – 33.0 mm, mintage – 4.000 pieces. The coin edge is lettered.

Source of information: National Bank of Ukraine