New Turkmenistan coins Ashgabat Olympic stadium

New Turkmenistan coins Ashgabat Olympic stadium
New Turkmenistan coins Ashgabat Olympic stadium
The Central Bank of Turkmenistan has issued the set of two memorable gold and silver coins - Ashgabat Olympic stadium in honour of historical significant event – largest and representative series of the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games, called for millions of people to represent Turkmenistan as the country of peace, progress and prosperity.
The complete set of commemorative coins Ashgabat Olympic stadium was made by the old partner of Turkmenistan - the Mint of Great Britain The Royal Mint Limited.
On the obverse of curiosities in the centre the Olympic stadium of Ashgabat over which the symbol of forthcoming sports action is placed, is shown. By the top part of the obverse a semicircle with inscription «ÝAPYK BINALARDA WE SÖWEŞ SUNGATY BOÝUNÇA V AZIÝA OÝUNLARY» and at the bottom - «AŞGABAT OLIMPIÝA STADIONY» is displayed.
On the reverse of both coins in the centre the State Emblem of Turkmenistan is placed and at the top part the semicircle with inscription «TÜRKMENISTANYŇ MERKEZI BANKY» and at the bottom - face value - «ÝÜZ MANAT» is specified. Commemorative coins with a diameter of 38, 61 mm are made gold of high test - Аu 916, 7 and silver - Ag 925 tests. The weight of numismatic novelties - accordingly 39, 94 and 28, 28 grams. The inscriptions with the specified data are divided by patterns in the form of octagons.
The coins' diameter is 38.61 mm. The certificate of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan guarantees their high quality ‘proof’.
The commemorative coins issued by the Central Bank of Turkmenistan to mark the anniversary of independence will become a part of the priceless numismatic collection created in Turkmenistan during the years of independence.
Source of information: Central Bank of Turkmenistan