New Kazakhstan coin The well-being coin

New Kazakhstan coin The well-being coin
The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan announces the issue, effective from 29th of August 2017, of the commemorative coin “The well-being coin" – a bimetal coin of “proof” quality of the nominal value of KZT 100.
Interpretation of a turtle as icon of the Chinese mythology; commemorative inscription on the ring.
Face value is depicted at the center of the coin; at the top part of the out piece the logo of the National Bank and elements of national ornament are depicted, as well the metal coin features and the name of the country.
Lateral surface is plain
Metal: Ag 925, Tantalum
Weight: 39.3 g.
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Quality: proof
Maximum mintage: 2500
Source of information: The National bank of Kazakhstan