New Estonian coin Estonia’s road to independence

New Estonian coin Estonia’s road to independence

On 26th June, the Bank of Estonia issued a 2 euro commemorative coin, Estonia’s road to independence. 

These commemorative coins are to be legal tender throughout the euro area.

The design for the two-euro commemorative coin dedicated to the events that preceded Estonia’s independence shows oak leaves, bare oak branches and the sinuous trunk of an oak. The winding oak symbolises Estonia’s road to independence, the bare branches relate to the year 1917, and the leaves symbolise strength, achievement and longevity. The oak leaves feature on the great coat of arms of the Republic of Estonia. The coin was designed by Jaan Meristo.

The Estonian commemorative 2 euro coins Estonia’s road to independence, were minted at the UAB Lithuanian Mint. The mintage of the coin is 1.500,000, including 10,000 of a higher (BU) quality in a numismatic package.

Weight: 8.50 g; diameter: 25.75 mm; width of edge: 2.20 mm

Metal: alloy of different metals (outer ring of copper-nickel alloy, in silver colour; central field in three layers of nickel-brass alloy, nickel and nickel-brass, in gold color)

Source of information: Bank of Estonia