Litas coins to feature Lithuanian resorts

Litas coins to feature Lithuanian resorts

At the board of bank of Lithuania. 28th of March 2012.

Eight 2 litas denomination coins of different design dedicated to Lithuanian resorts and resort sites will be issued this year and next year. By a resolution of the Bank of Lithuania, a series of coins of this denomination is to be launched for the first time with these coins appearing in circulation every several months.

It is planned to issue 100,000 pieces of each standard 2 litas coin to be traded at their face value. 2,500 pieces of each 2 litas coin of the proof category are to be minted at the same time. These are to be traded at a price fixed for the coins of this category.

The Board of the Bank of Lithuania also decided today to change the time of issue of the coins dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the Museum of Hollowed Trunks of Dionizas Poška. These are to appear in circulation in the second quarter this year.

Source of information: Bank of Lithuania: